kali (ಕಲಿ,  pronounced kah-li, use a soft 'ah') is a software to help kids learn Kannada alphabets. This is different from the other educational media available. Most softwares are canned, one way presentation. Normally, a canned recitation is made to user. They do not allow user to interact in the form of  questionnaire or quiz. kali attempts to make the education interactive and in game format.

kali version 1.0 is web based application. The game has 2 levels. Click on this icon to go to kali v.10 page -  kali ver 1.0

kali version 2.0 now available !!
kali version 2.0 is a desktop application. You can download the application on to your desktop and run the application offline. It is in a game format.
There are 6 levels in this game.

kali version 2.0 screen captures:
Image: Alphabet Recitation       Image: Find Alphabet task       
                         Alphabet Recitation                                                          Find Alphabet Task       

Choose correct word for the picture       Make word for picture
         Choose correct word for the picture                                       Make word for the picture

System Requirements:

How to Install:

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